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When travelling around or visiting Europe, one issue that many have is the cost of cell phone calls. All European countries have their own network providers with differing call rates, which can be expensive, especially if calling outside of the EU. EuroBuzz is an innovative service that provides the means to utilise a cell phone within Europe, at the same flat rate for all calls as well as offering excellent connectivity and coverage. Its website is www.eurobuzz.com.

As featured in the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, this website offers an unrivalled and ingenious service. The premise is simple, the service provides a handset, SIM card and accessories all for a low-cost, which can be utilised when travelling to Europe, to make calls to anywhere in the world including the USA at only 79c per minute. Understandably this cell phone in Europe service has seen an exponential rise in interested parties, who have taken advantage of this outstanding offer and who have left glowing testimonials on the website. The service provides a single telephone number that works around the whole of Europe and ensures there are no other charges other than the flat rate calls that have been made. In addition there is the benefit of no minimum usage requirement as well as a direct dialling system and an automatic cell phone signal locator, to ensure the strongest cell phone signal is guaranteed within the current location of the user.

The website itself provides comprehensive and detailed information regarding the Europe cell phone service. A variety of pages outline the features and benefits of the service as well as a useful comparison table which can be utilised to compare the flat rate provided by EuroBuzz against other major telecommunications companies such as Verizon, Sprint and T Mobile. The package details are also provided which include a Motorola C118 handset, EuroBuzz SIM card as well as a multi voltage charger and international travel adapter Pack. In addition the European cell phones service comes with free 24/7 customer support and online account facilities as well as a full 60 day money back guarantee, which is testimony to the excellent value for money and service levels provided by this company, that are aimed to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

For a simple and effective solution to excessive call charges when in Europe, the EuroBuzz cell phones in Europe service offers reliability of service, cost-effective pricing as well as peace of mind.

For further information visit http://www.eurobuzz.com