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The Vodafone 340 is a simple handset that offers limited functionality encased within a standard looking casing. Its simplistic look in many ways is indigenous of the second handset or replacement handset market, as affordability tends to be more of a key issue.

The recently released handset offers ring and vibration alert types, with the option to utilise MP3 ringtones as a further means to individualise or personalise the handset. MP3 ringtones tend to be more popular as they are the most widely used music file format currently available. In addition the phone comes with a phone book and call record feature as well as a speakerphone. The handset’s 2 MB of internal memory is not the largest by any means, however it is what would be expected in a handset in this price range.

The Vodafone 340 comes with an organiser and voice memo facility which provides the means to keep important information and details available on the handset, whilst the voice memo facility provides the means to make vocal notes on occasions when a pen and paper are not available. SMS, MMS and e-mail capabilities as well as a WAP 2.0 browser are also included within the package. The handset comes with class 10 GPRS connectivity as well as USB.

Entertainment is provided by the MP3 player, FM radio and a variety of games which are included within the handsets package. The MP3 player will play both MP3 and AAC file formats, whilst the FM radio provides respite from downloaded music files and provides the means to listen to a wide variety of local and national radio stations. In addition a VGA camera is also included which operates at 640 x 480 pixels and provides snapshot photographic capabilities.

The 340 Vodafone is available in black, white or pink and measures 109 mm x 45 mm wide whilst being 12 mm thick. The unit weighs 69 g in weight which makes it one of the lightest phones available. Standby time on this handset is up to 270 hours, with a talk time of up to 3 hours. The unit is a simple phone which offers basic functionality at an appealing price.

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