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Sheetfed offset inks is a high quality offset printing ink and materials for the printing industry. The various types of offset printing inks are sheetfed inks, pantone color inks, web coldset inks and web heatset inks, varnishes for inks, over printing varnishes, driers, tack reducers and anti-oxidant sprays etc.

Nature Plus (VOC-Free) Ink uses a vegetable oil base without the use of any petroleum-based solvents. The ink, while retaining high visual quality, is environmentally friendly, minimizing air pollution from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Nature Plus ink dries quickly, has an excellent ink to water balance, and is imbued high intensity colors suitable for glossy-coated paper and boards.

SUMMITEC (Process Color) Ink, is a high quality sheetfed process color ink. The ink is formulated with a newly developed, high performance varnish made from high-solubility and high-molecular phenol resins, as well as with high density and water-resistant pigments. Summitec process ink possesses good emulsification stability, and sets and dries quickly. It comes in three types for different weather conditions. It is recommended for use with coated paper.

Panorama-P (Non-Absorbent) Ink is specially designed for use on non-absorbent substrates such as aluminum foil and plastics. It dries through the process of oxidization without any aggressive solvents. Panorama-P has excellent adhesion, is rub-resistant, flexible, and fast drying. Recommended uses are for copper plate printing and offset printing. Available colors are magenta, yellow, cyan, black, bronze red, ultramarine blue, bronze blue, white, and medium.

OMEGA (Metallic Inks) is a high opacity, brilliant, rub-resistant quality mixed ink. Colors available are rich gold, medium gold, pale gold, and silver.

Pro-Magic Ink (Fluorescent Ink) has excellent color clarity and brightness as well as remarkable transparency features, especially when used on non-glossy paper. Pro-Magic Ink is recommended for print advertisements when special effects are desirable. Available colors are magenta, yellow, cyan, pink, orange, and green.

Pantone Color Ink is an ink with excellent press stability. Various types of Pantone ink are available for a variety of different substrates.

In addition to inks, AS Inks also supply several other products necessary to the printing industry. Equipment carried includes ink pumping systems, UV curing systems, coating machines, and more.

We are supplying wide range of colors with our twelve basic colors as follows and any request for special color matching is always welcomed. Also, Dictionary Black is for printing on thin papers such as dictionary, directory, Bible paper and rough paper and with good printability and strong color density.

Mike Funes invites you to take a look at A.S Inks and Chemicals. Although specializing in offset printing inks of Sheetfed Offset Inks, Pantone color inks, Web coldset inks and web heatset inks, they also produce varnishes for inks, Over Printing Varnishes, Driers, Tack Reducers, Anti-Oxidant Sprays, etc.