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We recently reported that Queen Elizabeth II has been using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet as part of the Jubilee Time Capsule project.  Of course, this is excellent exposure for the device, and a PR opportunity which most companies could only dream of.

Another Samsung device has recently been in the spotlight.  At the recently held American Music Awards, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was being used by presenters to announce the winners.

At most awards ceremonies, it is traditional for the hosts to open an envelope containing a piece of paper with the name of winners which they then read out.  This year though, the AMAs have gone paperless, choosing to ditch the envelopes and replace them with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  The handsets were given to everybody who read out the winners, and a magnetic smart cover is placed across the screen.  This is then simply opened which automatically unlocks the screen, revealing the winner’s name.  This generated plenty of extra exposure for the device, as in many cases the presenters held the phone up to the camera so you could see the winner’s name. Find out more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and view the most popular Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Deals on our website.

Because the American Music Awards is so widely televised, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will have been on the TV screens of millions of people around the world.

Samsung recently reported that after being on the market for just two months, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has sold a whopping five million units.  It took five months for the original Samsung Galaxy Note to reach this milestone, so the Galaxy Note 2 is clearly selling much faster.

Samsung has been predicted to sell over 61.5 million smartphones during the final three month period of 2012.  The Galaxy Note 2 is likely to make the large contribution to this figure along with its bestselling is still popular Galaxy S3 model.