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Employees at the Facebook headquarters have reportedly been asked to start using Android powered smartphones instead of iPhones, according to TechCrunch.

It turns out that the headquarters of the massive social networking site has had posters put up, urging its employees to use phones with the Google owned operating system rather than Apple’s popular iPhone line. The reason for this is to improve the Facebook application on the Android operating system, by encouraging employees to use it themselves.

Facebook gives iPhones to its employees, to ensure that the iOS Facebook application gets the most attention of all the smartphone operating systems.  The reason for this is that it used to be the most widely used smartphone platform, however things have changed in the last couple of years.

Android has now become the number one smartphone OS, so it is easy to see why Facebook bosses are asking employees to use Android instead of iOS.  By having Facebook employees using Android phones, it is hoped that many flaws with the Facebook service for the operating system would quickly be addressed. Check out the latest iPhone 5 News and compare popular iPhone 5 Deals on our website.

Those who choose to decide to switch to an Android phone will have plenty of options to choose from.  Of course, the best selling Android phone at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy S3, although the South Korea based manufacturer also offers an appealing option with the Galaxy Note 2.  The HTC One X is another notable Android smartphone, which is the Taiwanese manufacturer’s recently updated version of its flagship One X.

Many Facebook employees are still likely to continue using their iPhones in their own time though.  Many will have just got their hands on the new iPhone 5, so will continue to use this device.  This phone packs a number of improvements over its predecessor such as the larger screen, more processing power and plenty of software updates thanks to new iOS 6 platform.