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Consumers have recently been treated to an impressive range of new Windows 8 phones from major manufacturers such as Nokia, HTC and Samsung. For some consumers however there is no chance of upgrading at this moment in time so news of a new Windows 7.8 update for handsets like the Nokia Lumia 900 will be welcomed.

Recently we have seen a number of posts pop up on Facebook relating to this latest software update and this has been teamed with some interesting leaked images from a Microsoft presentation about the new software to give us an idea about what consumers can expect from the software. The leaked images were posted by Winp.CN and show accurate looking shots of the new platform along with text snippets. One thing that is evident from these images is that some of the key areas from Windows 8 have been carried over to the new 7.8 update. Just like on the new software users will be able to choose from three different sized application icons while homescreen and lockscreen live feeds can be easily customised so you have full control over the information that pops up on your handset. Compare Nokia Lumia 900 Contract prices here

One of the main uses for modern phones such as the Nokia Lumia 900 is for internet browsing but unfortunately the browser featured on the new software will not be Internet Explorer 10. Version 9 will continue to be used but the developers have dramatically improved browser security while the overall look can be changed thanks to a selection of 20 preset themes that can be chosen form the settings menu. An impressive new feature is the new MPĀ£ editor which makes it easy for users to create their own ringtone while a selection of new Apps including Microsoft Smartglass are also destined to arrive on the new platform. For more
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Nokia Lumia 900 owners will be delighted about the news of a new OS update for the phone which will deliver many features that are boasted by the new Windows 8 software.