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Nokia has recently been hitting the headlines for the smartphone business due to the huge early success of its new Windows Phone 8 flagship, the Nokia Lumia 920.

In a number of countries, retailers and networks have reported that they are selling out of stocks of the handset, including Germany, Italy, United States and Australia to name but a few. Here in the United Kingdom, several online retailers have made the Lumia 920 available for pre-order, and are already selling out of pre-order stock multiple times before they have even received initial deliveries of the phone. In Holland, the Lumia 920 has even received more pre-orders than the Apple iPhone 5 did back in September.

Of course, the Chinese market poses a massive opportunity for mobile phone manufacturers, and Nokia plan to take full advantage of this. It certainly appears to have got off to a good start, as NokiaPowerUser has reported that the Lumia 920T (the Chinese version of the Lumia 920) has not only reached the number one position and Amazon China best selling mobile phones list, but has also been listed as out of stock, and demonstrating huge demand for the handset. Learn more about the Nokia Lumia 920 on our website where you can also view the most popular Nokia Lumia 920 Contracts.

It is no secret that Nokia has been struggling over the last couple of years to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung with their market dominating iPhone and Galaxy S lines. As a result of this, Nokia has lost much of its market share and fallen into financial difficulty so has been somewhat pinning its hopes on the success of the Lumia 920. Given the fact that it has already proven to be so popular, as well as receiving critical acclaim so early after its release, the Lumia 920 is certainly one of the most notable smartphone releases of the year.

It is easy to see why demand for the Lumia 920 is so high. With key features including a 4.5 inch Nokia PureMotion HD+ display, an 8 megapixel Nokia PureView camera and of course Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 OS, it certainly ticks all the boxes.