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Back at CES 2013 in January, held in Las Vegas the Sony Xperia Z was officially unveiled. The company’s latest flagship Android phone had been eagerly anticipated for months, promising to be the most advanced handset to date from the manufacturer. The handset instantly received positive initial reviews, as it boasts plenty of impressive features.

Shortly after it was first unveiled, the Sony Xperia Z was made available for pre-order in several countries. We recently reported that the phone still very high demand in a number of countries including Japan, France and Germany, which were among the first where consumers were able to get their hands on the device. In Japan, 150,000 units of the phone were sold in the first week, gaining a 24% market share for the device. In France and Germany, limited numbers were made available for pre-order, with reports stating that stocks sold out in a matter of hours. Visit our website for more Sony Xperia Z news, and price comparison of Sony Xperia Z deals.

Android Authority has recently reported that similarly high demand has been seen in a number of other countries since, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, where pre-order stocks are also believed to have sold out. Obviously, this is very good news for Sony. The manufacturer has been a consistent player in the smartphone market over the last few years, but has failed to really grab the attention of the market on the same scale as the likes of Apple and Samsung. It appears that Sony is set for a successful 2013 though. Last year, Sony sold an impressive 34 million handsets, but the company is aiming to sell 50 million this year. The Sony Xperia Z is likely to contribute to the company reaching this target, and given the amount of attention the handset has gained, it certainly looks achievable at this point.

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