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Thanks to the incredible sales racked up by its predecessors the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was always going to be destined for greatness. We are now starting to see that this great new device is becoming even more popular that was first anticipated.

Financial figures for the first quarter of the year have recently been announced by Samsung and thanks to the continued success of established devices such as the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 these figures are better than could have been predicted. It has now been predicted by RBC Capital that Samsung will ship a total of 10 million Galaxy S4 devices during it’s first month on the market. Mark Sue has provided us with these figures and with these he also suggested that during the month of March Samsung will obtain a huge 35 per cent of the global smartphone market. This would put the company ahead of their biggest rivals Apple who are expected to claim just 20 per cent of the market during the same period. Click here for more Samsung Galaxy S4 News

Samsung will be delighted with this news especially as the Samsung Galaxy S4 is not the last major launch of the year for the manufacturer. Consumers have other new exciting new additions to welcome to the Galaxy range in the form of the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 Mini. With this taken into consideration Sue has suggested that Samsung could be looking at a total smartphone shipment number of over 285 million handsets this year with 70 million of this figure being taken up by the new Galaxy S4. We will see the new device hit the shelves here in the UK over the coming days sporting a 5 inch Full HD display and also the very latest version of the popular Android operating system. Check out great Samsung Galaxy S4 Offers here

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 was always expected to achieve great success and it looks as though expectations have been exceeded. The new devices is predicted to shift upwards of 70 million units over the coming months.