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There is no question that the HTC one, the new flagship smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturers is one of the best smartphones to have been released in 2013. When the model was first released many consumers encountered delayed and it has since transpired that these may have been an down to an issue with the microphone components that were incorporated on this super device.

The issue with the microphone on the HTC One relates to the type of components used that were produced by manufacturer STM. Nokia, the Finnish manufacturer who produce the popular Lumia range of smartphones hold exclusive rights to some components that are made by STM and they have argued that HTC have breached their agreement by using some of these components. The argument actually made it to the Dutch courts however it is HTC who will be happier with the final outcome. The court has ruled that there is no way that HTC could have known about the deal between Nokia and STM and therefore they are not to blame. Nokia were actually seeking an injunction against the HTC One handset which could have seen the device withdrawn from sale if they were successful. Click here for the latest HTC One News

The Dutch courts have ruled that HTC can continue to sell the HTC One handset that incorporates the STM microphones in question but the company are not allowed however to use the components in any devices that are produced in the future. A spokesperson from HTC commented “HTC can continue to use microphones already purchased from STM in its products. They were purchased in good-faith”. Following the court case it has also been revealed that Nokia failed in attempts to have all microphones that were supplied by STM to HTC recalled. In relation to future production of the HTC One it is unclear whether HTC will seek to source alternative microphones from STM or whether they will look for a new supplier all together. Compare HTC One Vodafone prices here

HTC have come out on top in this latest court battle with a rival manufacturer. Their victory should ensure that consumers experience no further delays in supply of the popular HTC One smartphone