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In a bid to avoid any delays it has been suggested that Apple are keen to start production of their next generation iPhone 5S device. When a new iPhone is launched by Apple, delays have been an issue. Recent reports suggest that already underway in Japan is the production of the display panel for the new model.

Nikkan Kogyo Shumbun has reported that the screen for the new iPhone 5S model has already begun. Japan Display are responsible for the manufacturing of the displays. The company comprises of production arms of Hitachi, sony and Toshiba. In a bid to ensure that there is a large enough quantity prior to the release of the handset, LG Display are also producing the screens. Sharp’s Kameyama plant are also reportedly gearing up to start the production of the handset in June with the potential capacity to produce a huge 600 million units in just one month. Click here for more iPhone 5S News

Following comments that were recently made by the company CEO Tim Cook, the iPhone 5S is not expected to be launched until either late this summer or early autumn. It was originally thought that we would see the new model launched in June with a general release in July, however it now looks like we will see a more traditional launch date. Some reports still suggest that we may see the iPhone 6 will be the next model that we see but it is widely expected that the next iPhone we will see is the 5S. The model in question will have the same size display as we saw featured on the iPhone 5 and the device that is expected to arrive in 2014 will feature an even larger screen. This summers model is expected to boast a new processing chip, iOS7 and improvements to the camera facilities. Find the cheapest iPhone 5S Offers here

If these latest reports are to be believed then production of the next generation of the iPhone has already begun. The iPhone 5S is the model that we expect to see launched and the early start should ensure that Apple have enough time to produce a large number of handsets ahead of its launch which is expected to take place in late summer or early autumn.