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Only last month we saw the release of the new HTC One which has become a hit with consumers since it was introduced thanks to its great design and the superb specification that the model offers. Rumours are now suggesting that the Taiwanese manufacturers are going to launch a more budget priced version of the HTC One which will be named the HTC M4.

According to the latest reports we will soon be seeing the HTC M4 released by HTC which is a handset that will offer users a similar design to that of the HTC One, but with scaled back specification which will ensure that the price is lower. There will be a smaller 4.3 inch screen onboard as opposed to the 4.7 inch display that is on board its big brother. The resolution will also be less at 720P resolution instead of the 1080P offered by the One. We do not expect the new device to be released with the name of the M4 as this is more likely to be the working name. HTC are keen to stick to the HTC One branding in some way. Prior to the release of the HTC One the handset was referred to as the HTC M7. Click here for more HTC One News

It is not yet clear as to whether this new phone will boast the same aluminium body which is found on the HTC One. This aspect of the design was a key selling point for the premium device and we expect to see the M4 offering a similar design which is will be made from polycarbonate which is cheaper. Evleaks have released some leaked images of the new device and it appears that a unibody design has been used meaning that the battery will not be able to be removed. There will be a powerful dual core processor on board which could possibly be the Qualcomm S4 chip as rumours suggest. 16GB and 2GB of RAM of storage is expected to be present. The device will come shipped with version 4.2 of the popular Android operating system. Get the very best HTC One prices here

The HTC One is an extremely popular device which is selling well and those consumers that are looking for a high quality model with a cheaper package will be delighted by the new of the HTC M4.