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The next generation of the iPhone device is set to be released later this year in the form of the iPhone 5S. These devices were first introduced back in 2007 and they have proven to be a huge hit with the public, however new reports suggest that Apple will no longer officially support the very first iPhone that was released.

The internet site 9to5Mac have come across an internal document from Apple which suggests that the Cupertino giants will no longer officially support the handset. For the consumers this means that spare parts, documentation and repairs for the very first device will no longer be provided by Apple. Apple were bound to take this move eventually, but the news may still come as a shock to many consumers. The device is now six years old, which is much longer than most consumers choose to use their phone for. Apple still provide users with support for models as far back as the iPhone 3GS right up to the current range which includes the iPhone 4. Later this year the range is due to increase in size with the addition of the iPhone 5S. Click here for the latest iPhone 5S News

The discovered documents reveal that from the 11th of June this year the very first iPhone which was launched back in 2007 will become obsolete. From that date the device will be classified as vintage. Any product that was withdrawn from sale between 5 and 7 years ago is now classed as vintage and product support is withdrawn according to Apple’s official website. iPhone’s have improved considerably since they were first launched and the specification that we expect to see on the iPhone 5S when it arrives in coming months will be far greater than that featured on the original which did not support 3G and was launched before the App store existed. When first launched the largest model only offered 16GB, which is the storage capacity that we now see on entry level devices. Click here to discover great iPhone 5S deals

At six years of age the time has come for the original iPhone to be deemed by Apple as obsolete. This may seem well overdue as there are now many newer iPhones available with the latest to be launched during the summer months in the form of the iPhone 5S.