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There is a great range of Windows 8 smartphones available from Nokia that include premium devices such as the Lumia 920 and the brand new Lumia 925. It has just been revealed in reports that the most popular model in the range is the Nokia Lumia 520, which sits at the entry level.

Nokia have not experienced the best sales figures when it comes to their Lumia devices, however it appears that the Finnish manufacturers have found their niche with the Nokia Lumia 520 which was recently released. This model is expected to become the fastest selling Windows phone that Nokia have produced. We saw the Lumia 520 hit our shelves in April and by May over 1 million units were shifted meaning that the model had claimed 4.4 per cent share of the Windows market in this short period of time. These findings were Tweeted by Alan Mendelevich from AdDuplex.

Mendelevich has since tweeted with reference to the period the period between May and June in which he reveals that during this period the Nokia Lumia 520’s share of the market has doubled to between 9 and 9 per cent. This indicates to us that upwards of 2 million handsets have been sold. When you compare these figures to those recently released for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 they do not seem very impressive as the new Samsung device has shifted 10 million units in just one month. However Windows platforms sell considerably less, so 2 million is actually a quite significant figure. These figures tell us that those consumers that are looking for an entry level device are opting for the Windows OS rather that Android or any other alternatives. Check out Nokia Lumia 520 and other Windows phone deals

The Nokia Lumia 520 offers not only great specification, but also a superb operating system and all of this comes at a very attractive price. The impact that this model has made in just a short amount of time is sure to please Nokia.