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Apple’s popular iOS operating system will arrive this September. The new iOS7 is expected to arrive alongside the new iPhone 5S. Apple released a Beta version of the package prior to its general release which allows the developers to produce content and to also fix any bugs or issues that may occur. The third Beta version has now been released ahead of the general release.

Apple are doing all that they can to ensure that the new iOS7 operating system is working properly ahead of it being released globally. The second version was launched recently and just two weeks afterwards the third version has been released which is said to have fixed a number of problems and bugs that popped up. The issues that have been corrected in this latest version are due to Airplay, iCloud and also iMessage. The Cupertino manufacturer have also been focusing on the new Key Chain facility according to Apple Insider. as well as the Find My Phone functionality. The launch of the new software is predicted to take place on September 18th which means that the new iPhone 5S is expected to arrive a couple of days after this date. Visit our website for the best offers http://www.phoneslimited.co.uk/Apple/iPhone+5S+16GB.html

The earlier Beta versions of the iOS7 was said to have problems concerning notifications as users were either receiving duplicate alerts or occasionally none at all. Apple Insider have spoken to a developer who stated that Apple have a lot more work to do on the new package ahead of its release, however it is believed that the third version of Beta has addressed the majority of the problems that occurred. The release date is fast approaching, so Apple will need to work very hard to ensure that the software arrives on time. The software will arrive with the new iPhone 5S and also the iPhone Light which is a new budget phone that will target emerging markets in the far east.

The new iOS7 is expected to offer great things and the problems that the Beta versions have faced are common and also part of the process that needs to take place in order for all problems to be ironed out ahead of the software’s general release.