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The Apple iPhone 5S has seen plenty of rumours and excitement in recent months, which comes as little surprise given the success of the current iPhone 5 model. This device remains one of the biggest selling smartphone models on the market, despite the more recent release of impressive competing handsets.

In terms of hardware, several new smartphone models have been outdoing the Apple iPhone 5. However, the upcoming release of the iOS 7 software update means that the iPhone 5 is likely to remain one of the most sought after devices on the market to quite some time.

Recently, Slash Gear has reported on one of the latest rumours about the features of the iPhone 5S model. The website has reported that sources have claimed that the phone’s camera will see the addition of innovative new feature not seen on the iPhone before. Apparently, the phone’s camera will sport the ability to capture slow motion video footage in 120 frames per second. The feature, which is codenamed ‘Mogul’ by Apple has been utilised on a couple of recent devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4. However, reports suggest that the results of the feature have not been as impressive as anticipated. More rumours about the features of the iPhone 5S are on our website, along with the cheapest iPhone 5 contracts in the UK.

The website reports that specific details regarding the feature have appeared on developer APIs. Information has suggested that the feature will support 720p video capture along with video stabilisation, enhanced audio processing support for slow and fast playback, a full suite of editing options and the ability to export the resulting footage to other devices whilst preserving frame rates. With many new smartphones offering higher and higher megapixel counts, there has also recently been a trend of the added functionality and innovative new features on smartphone cameras. If this feature is included on the iPhone 5S, it would certainly be among the most groundbreaking additions to the iPhone line in terms of its camera, especially if rumours of a 13 megapixel camera and dual led flash turn out to be true.

With the device expected to be announced in the near future and released as early as September, more information regarding the iPhone 5S and its features is likely to be revealed in the coming weeks. As usual, we will of course keep you posted as soon as we hear of any updates.