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A number of impressive Android smartphone models have been launched in 2013, but one of the most popular remains the HTC One. The device has gained an enviable reputation as one of most impressive handsets on the market, and clocked up millions of sales since it hit the market earlier this year.

The phone has once again been hitting the headlines recently, due to the long awaited release of the glamour red variant of the handset, and the rollout of an update to Android 4.2.2 Jellybean. There have also been plenty of rumours about two new versions of the phone hitting the market this year, which are the HTC One Mini and the HTC One Max. As its name suggests, the HTC One Mini is set to be a smaller, lower spec but more affordable version of the flagship device, while the HTC One Max will be a phablet style handset. Visit our website for the latest HTC One Max rumours and best prices for the HTC One.

Neither of these handsets have yet been officially announced by the Taiwanese manufacturer, but this has not stopped speculation about their features and release date. The HTC One Mini has seen plenty of leaked images and rumours about its specifications in recent weeks, but information about the phablet style HTC One Max has been few and far between. However, earlier this week GSM Arena reported that details regarding the specifications of the HTC One Max have been revealed.

The source of the information suggests that the handset will sport a 6 inch 1080p touchscreen, 2 GB of RAM, 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 3200mAh battery capacity and 32/64 GB of storage. It is expected that the phone will sport a similar aluminium casing to the standard HTC One, which is also expected to feature the HTC One Mini.

GSM Arena reports that the HTC One Max is expected to be released in September. It would certainly make sense if this was the case, as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also expected to be released in September, and will no doubt be the biggest competitor to HTC’s upcoming phablet.

When more information regarding the release date and specifications of the HTC One Max has been revealed, we will of course keep you updated.