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The new iPhone 5S is widely accepted as being the next device to be launched by Apple and will arrive over the Autumn, however there are some new reports that have suggested that the release of the new device has been delayed. This is said to be due to the change in a vital element of the handset which has lead to Apple halting production.

As will many reports they can be hard to believe, however it has been suggested that Apple have include a larger display panel on the new handset rather than the 4 inch screen that we have been expecting to be on board. BrightWire have broken this latest news which came from the Asian supply network. The new display is rumoured to measure 4.3 inches. It has been said that the production of the new model was halted back in May to enable this change to take place and the news agency Bloomberg have also reported on this story.

Recently there have been a number of leaks that are said to show the new Aluminium body that is set to be featured on the phone, however it is difficult to to see from these images whether the body would accommodate either the original 4 inch display or the new rumoured 4.3 inch panel. It is not known at this point how long this change in the display will delay the arrival of the iPhone 5S. This is a major change so we expect this to lead to a substantial delay as Apple will need to go back to the drawing board. As soon as we hear more news relating to this rumoured delay we will be sure to keep you updated. All the latest Apple iPhone5S EE promotions here

The iPhone 5S has been eagerly awaited by many consumers and this new news which suggests that there may be delays will come as a disappointment to many. This is due to Apple deciding to increase the size of the display so that the handset can compete better against other larger screened handsets.