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There can be no greater education for a child than to learn about their surroundings and nature in general. Learning about animals and the habitats and environments that they reside in, provides a sound base for children to grow up and appreciate the diversity of life on earth. One of the best ways for this to occur is to actually meet all kinds of creatures within creature workshops. One of the leading providers of animal workshop activities is an organisation called Meet a Creature, whose online presence can be found at www.meetacreature.co.uk.

In terms of education, apart from schooling where children learn the basics of the principal subjects like maths, English and science, the fact remains that understanding the environment that they are living in, including animal life provides a solid grounding for children of all ages. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to gain access to creatures and animals in a safe environment and with the additional benefits of accomplished and knowledgeable rangers, who can impart information and educate the children regarding the animals. These are often called creature workshops.

Meet a Creature is an organisation which specialises in providing educational and informative animal workshops, for schools as well as the children’s parties. Covering a large area which incorporates Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire as well as Manchester and Birmingham, this organisation are able to educate and entertain by incorporating within an informative educational environment, a variety of species such as reptiles, amphibians as well as mammals.

Their website which can be found at www.meetacreature.co.uk provides information, advice and guidance on all aspects of the workshops that are available. These include a range of school animal workshops which are catered for key stage 1 and 2, which are ideal as a complimentary addition to the primary science curriculum. In addition Key stage 3 and 4 can also be catered for by tailored packages. In addition children’s animal parties have become extremely popular, and which offer the children the opportunity to handle and find out about a range of animals in a fun and exciting way.

For further information on school animal experiences visit http://www.meetacreature.co.uk