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With the recent proliferation of drones and their use, being widely reported in the media, it can be of little surprise that drone training has become extremely popular. This is especially the case when companies and individuals are looking to use drones for commercial use, e.g. paid work. A sector that has grown in popularity considerably in recent years.

The fact is that drones are now utilised commercially for a variety of different functions such as land surveying, wedding photography, agricultural applications. In reality any application where an aerial view offers a benefit. Additionally, many organisations such as Amazon are considering utilising drones for deliveries, another potential commercial use, which proves the point that as stated by those within the industry, “the only limit is our imagination.”

Commercial drone use within the UK, requires a number of criteria to be satisfied and permissions, which are generally covered within the remit of specific CAA drone training courses. The permission is otherwise known as the CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). This permission is actually granted by the Civil Aviation Authority and is required to enable any company or individual the ability to conduct commercial work using a small unmanned aircraft (SUA e.g. a drone) under 20 kg in weight.

Drone flying courses offer an effective means of obtaining the relevant permissions and the subsequent option of working within the commercial field. The training itself consists of several parts and includes practical flying tests and writing your own operations manual. The practical flight tests are conducted as a commercial operation, to assess your ability to control the aircraft in a safe manner, to plan correctly and deliver the relevant paperwork as well as your ability to assess the site in question and the required safety measures. Once these relevant facets of the drone training course are completed, all paper work, after being signed off, can then be submitted to the CAA for approval.

In terms of training provider, care needs to be taken to ensure quality of drone training and ongoing support. For the PfCO, training and assessment should be carried out by an NQE, which stands for National Qualified Entities. A NQE can only be approved through the Civil aviation authority and ensures a standard of training and compliance which is required by the CAA.

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