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Minor League Baseball games are no strangers to having all sorts of weird fun.Some things typically a sociated with https://www.marlinsedge.com/miami-marlins/starlin-castro-jersey MiLB include weird-themed jerseys, Star Wars nights and bullpen cup art. Oh, and monkey rodeos, such as this one: Well, the monkey rodeos could soon be coming to an end.In a letter sent to MiLB president and CEO Pat O’Connor, animal rights group PETA “urged” MiLB to ban monkey rodeos that take place during minor league games https://www.marlinsedge.com/miami-marlins/giancarlo-stanton-jersey .MORE: Nine quirky minor league logos from the ’90sIn the letter, PETA claims that a particular monkey-rodeoexhibitor is in violation of the federal Animal Welfare Act, which requires a certain standard on the health and welfare of animals.While MiLB hasn’t banned monkey rodeos outright, the exhibitions havebeen frowned upon by O’Connor.Minor League Baseball neither supports nor encourages the practice of using animal acts of any kind, especially animal acts for which the Humane Society has expre sed serious concerns, to entertain our great fans, he said in a statement.We encourage clubs to ensure that the promotions they host do not endanger the health or safety of any animal, but respect the rights of our teams to make decisions regarding Martin Prado Jersey their promotional events at the local level.Could this be the end of therodeos at minor league games as we know it? Only if MiLB stops monkeying around.