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Leaked Images Appear Of New HTC M7 Premium Phone

The iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are already in the news despite us only being less than three weeks in the new year. These new devices have been branded the must have smartphones of 2013. Samsung and Apple usually dominate the smartphone market however it looks...
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The Dermaroller Wonder

The Dermaroller is one of the most innovative products in the field of beauty and well-being. Dermaroller gives a boost to our body, transforming a worn out body to a healthier and a more beautiful one. The Dermaroller actually activates the outer skin layers, accomplishing exfoliation. Last, but...
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Embedded Computer Board Technology

When most people hear terms like embedded computer board they either are confused or awe struck. Little do they know that almost every electrical system that is in use today uses this type of technology. Extensively used in items like home networking routers and automobiles these embedded solutions...
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